Craig Simpson

27 July – 20 August


30upstairs Craig Simpson


Untitled 1, 2016, Acrylic on canvas, 508mm x 508mm

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Structuring colour and understanding painting within the gallery space is what informs my current work.

By formalising colour and relating it to itself and its support it is possible to understand and ‘free’ colour from the limitations and boundaries often provided by narrative or ‘readable’ and relatable images.

The architectural quality of these works is drawn from the vertical and horizontal axis. The irony is that it takes such ridged form to create movement in the work as well as quite literally moving the viewer as they try to read the surface. Regulated line and colour support this.

These are movement paintings.

Craig Simpson is a Wellington based Artist specialising in painting and sculpture. In 2013 he graduated with Honours from Elam Fine Art School and received the Laurie Coon scholarship award in painting.