Hannah Beattie

28 May – 20 June 2015


Hannah Beattie


Inhalation, 2014

Oil on board

44 x 77.5cm

I am interested in the way in which art both invites and denies intimacy. Paintings may suggest narratives without clearly disclosing or demanding a specific interpretation.

If you examine someone’s diary do you become familiar with the author? Do you intrude upon them? Does the author become fragile or robust under your gaze?

How do words rub against one another? How do you read them? How do I?

I invite you to use my work as a prompt.

I ask you to fill in their empty unspoken spaces--to help define and impart meaning to them, to refashion them with your stories.

I can not read what you can.

Hannah Beattie lives and works in Wellington and graduated from Massey University School of Fine Arts in 2014.

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