Jess Hubbard

21 August - 12 September 2015


Jess Hubbard Yume


Still, 2013

Digital video: MP4 format

Length: 3:10

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The light there is soft and blue and green. It is a series of liquid frames. My mind empties into pleasure.

In the summer the heat moves through the air and sticks to my skin. I become prickly with sweat. The heat is intoxicating; the shade soothing.

There are endless things missing from this work: the complexities of an entire society, the complexities of being a foreigner within that society.

But through all the layers of experience and knowledge lies a simple core. It is summer, it is beautiful, it is bliss.

Jessica Hubbard spent over two years living in Japan and two more years attempting to address this experience in her work. Jessica is an installation and video artist, and an arts writer.